Monday, September 8, 2014

9-8-14- Time management

Hello Everyone! So this week was very different in that our missionary time is much more limited.

I have now experienced my first testimony meeting in which I was presiding..... talk about weird. But honestly it´s like the exact same just with a different view.. haha. (that was a joke, hope ya´ll got it) Anyways I´m in the process of learning and the thing is I feel very alone in this. My companion is there... but not really because he knows nothing of technology or computers or stuff with electricity so basically his job as finance secretary falls on me. But that's ok, he´s learning and willing to serve. 

Other than that I´m learning a whole new level of time management and my most important hour everyday is my hour of personal study. If I did not have that I´m pretty sure I would have shriveled up and died on Tuesday, but I didn´t! Thank goodness for personal study.

Another thing I´ve been learning a lot about is inspiration. God is not going to inspire me if i don´t give time to thinking about it. Callings are number like 2 or 3 on my mind these days. When I see people I think "In what way can this person serve". Even my investigators, which is helping us to focus and teach quality lessons a lot more often. 

Also there are advantages to being Branch President, mainly you have all the members contact and the majority respect you. So you can put a ton of appointments with members and then half the work is done. I´m hoping that God will help us to become a Missionary Branch. Everyone will have callings and be missionary oriented, meaning effective tools and helps in the building of the Lord's kingdom. It´s gonna be fun. Sometimes I still think to myself....."how did this happen" Especially after moments where I find myself childishly nudging my companion into a puddle. Or when Elder Navarro and I have burping competitions.... It really amazes me that the Lord has trusted me with a calling. (No we don´t do it in public, just in our house that is on main street) ha ha

Really, life is good, and there is a lot of work to do. I know everything is gonna work out alright. :)

Oh and by the way, I have now successfully sent of and filled out my first missionary papers! Giving a shout out to Elder Trejo in the Guatemala City Mission!!! woo woo. I really need a car. ha ha

p.s. The two in the middle are now married. YAY!!! ( I presided the short civil wedding, SUPER WIERD)

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