Monday, September 29, 2014

9-29-14 - A Photo Tour

Sean's email is super short this week. He send some photo of the church, it seems to be where they spend a lot of their time these days
This week I'm just thrilled that we got this big regional conference of the branches over with. Just to inform you all we found a lot of success being the branch that brought the most people, 2 buses full (which no, were not cheap) to this conference thanks to the Sisters and the work of the council. I really can't take credit because I just did my part and hoped everything fell in place, and it did, God really does work miracles.
This is where Sean spends a lot of time these days, at the church.

Sean's office

Other than that, the other big news is that a couple and their daughter got baptized, I love these guys so much. Really I'm doing good, just making the preps for General Conference tech wise and inviting people, it's great!

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