Monday, November 10, 2014

11-10-14 Nothing went as planned, but it was a great week.

This week was surprisingly good. I say surprisingly because nothing went according to plan, but everything we needed to do got done, and more. Just goes to show that sometimes God changes the plans. haha

We started  out the week with a Zone Conference. President Fortuna came and talked to us about studying and gave us a test to see how well we´ve been studying. It asked what the 13 chapters of Preach my Gospel were,
and the titles of all 5 lessons. I´m proud to say I got 96 out of 110. That´s without warning. haha He taught us the importance of planning and making lessons ¨spiritually¨ before we make them physically. We read in the Pearl of Great Price and it says God created everything spiritually before he created it physically, or in other words he made a plan. Cool huh?

So this week we were committed to have 10 baptismal dates, and we ended with 6. One of our investigators received a miraculous answer and wanted to get baptized early.... we were like "hey, want to get baptized the 15th?" and he was like "No, I want to get baptized the 8th".... that never happens, usually they say "why so soon?" so he kinda caught me by surprise. But thankfully my companion is much more intelligent than I and was like, "well, we won´t make you do anything you don´t want to." haha This man is now a member of this church... not planned but way better.


Also, basically we only had 12 lessons this week.... so that means we had a lot more appointments cancel than usual, but we found 4 new families.. It´s crazy how much God knows better than us. The thing is we made this plan with his approval and we felt it is what he wanted. Sometimes God just wants to show us some miracles I think. I sure am willing to let Him. I love it so much.

Other than that, this Sunday was seminary graduation and my convert graduated!!! He´s such a stud, and it was even cooler cause I was presiding over the thing so I got to give him his certificate, made me tear up and everything, but I didn't cry. He is blessing the sacrament every week and is currently serving as my 1st assistant in the Young Men's Quorum (we have 7 young men and I am the only active leader, so we just keep them all together). He is learning so much. I am so grateful to God for allowing me to see all of the amazing miracles.

Well... Love ya. Sorry I don´t have anything funny or any crazy stories, super spiritual. Like I said, it was a good week. Just not sure how it all happened haha.

Love ya all
paz y amor

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