Monday, November 17, 2014

11-17-14 soccer tournament

To be honest I need to wake up!!! haha Idk what´s happening these days but I just feel tired and unexcited. We baptize, we teach, we find, I know the words, but I feel like I´m missing the feeling that I used to have. Now looking at those symptoms I would say I need to repent. So that´s what I´ll do. I just gotta figure out what exactly I need to repent of... :)

Really, things are going good. The attendance is rising, the new investigators are progressing, I wake up, do excercise, eat, work in  the mission and collapse exhausted on my bed. repeat repeat. Sundays people come to church and yet don´t want to get baptized yet. I´m missing the enthusiasm that I had when I just came out. Now I know what I´m doing, I know how to do it and we have results but... it´s missing something, you could say the spirit, you could say enthusiasm, or energy. Or maybe a bunch of different things. I know we determine our attitude, and that the prepared are out there waiting. But why don´t I have that something?  Because I choose it and I want it soo bad, even sometimes it comes, but why doesn´t it stay the way it used to? Thats what I´m doing and thinking about these days. I am repenting, and trying to re-repent, trying to find the thing that is impeding me to feel the energy I used to. I think I just need to trust more in God..

Now those words are so easy right? Trust in God. It´s on the Dollar but how do we do that? Doesn't´t faith mean action? So what is trust and how can I do it more? These are my questions these days. I´m definitely a work in progress.

Other than that, this week something different happened. As the young men´s presidency in our branch my companion and I organized and reffed a tournament of kids 14 to 10 playing soccer. It was really fun and it reminded me of my reffing days when the Tippets would call me. Some of these kids have some major talent. We taught them all about the church and invited them to church and one of them came. It was cool, we´ll see how his lessons go this week.

Well I love you all so much. Don´t let the letter deceive you, I´m happy and working, and content these days. I just used this letter as a thought process more than anything so thanks for all listening, and don´t worry everything is gonna be alright. :)

Paz y amor, Elder Johnson

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