Monday, November 24, 2014

11-24-14 We found a waterfall!

Phew!!!! Well I´m kinda tired but not cause of the week but because today for Pday we basically did what I've wanted to do the whole time. hahaha 

We went to a Finca of a member.... I'm not sure what that is in English but it's like a plantation of coffee. Anyways and we made a path in the jungle with a machete, we saw snakes, and swung from vines (like legitly! I always thought the movies exagerated but it was pretty dang cool) and in the end we found a waterfall and if I wasn´t a missionary I would have gone swimming but since I am... we did not go swimming. I´ll have to come back to do it all again. Then we harvested two giant heavy things of bananas.... those weigh alot. and filled a bag of oranges and hiked all the way out of the valley again... cars do not enter there. It was freaking SICK!!! Other than that we cut coffee... I never thought I would do that but we did it as service.. they´re members, I just hope they don´t fall into tempation. I don´t understand the appeal honestly, especially seeing all the processing that they have to do, I do not think it is worth it. But that's my opinion.

Other than that this week is transfers!!!! I will be staying until January because we're doing tithing setttlements right now so they can´t really take me out. Also we got the Christmas program set up, I can´t just leave after planning it all. haha but our district lost Hermana Hackney.

Now we will be receiving a new sister tomorrow... the day changed from Wednesday to Tuesdays now... it´s more effective but not as comfortable, oh well.

This week I just want to share an experience. I went on interchanges with some elders and we invited one of their families to fast with us about if they should be baptized this week. I don´t know why I did it, but I accepted to do it even though it wasn´t my area or investigators... I really fasted for them and they got baptized. I found that this gave me a happiness that I have not felt for awhile. Or maybe it´s just that I had begun to take it for granted. It made me so happy and im not even sure why. I felt so good. In our are We worked super hard this week, and the fruits will come later.... haha.

In the branch we called a first counselor and a secretary... talking about progresss. we are trying to have a temple trip on the 9 of Dec. and on the 20th of Dec we have the Christmas dinner. We should be sending like 2 families to get sealed if they can stop drinking coffee.... It feels good. Also this week the chapel filled up with people.... all of the sudden. God has done miracles here... other than that I´m beat and I think if there is 20 min I will try to squeeze a nap in. or maybe I´ll just close my eyes while I wash clothes.. haha

Love you all! Hope you're doing great!!!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

paz y amor

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