Monday, November 3, 2014

11-03-14 Welp, I'm sick - stengthening my immune system

Welp I'm sick. I have an extremely strange rash on my arms and my legs and on my belly button. Yes yes I have talked to various doctors and they normaly tell me something different every time, but now I have been treated by  the mission doctor and am taking a medication to destroy the "giant mosquito bites that wouldn´t go away." because that´s what I thought it was. but... not. :) 
Eating a lot of sugar cane these days
The mission is so great, think about it, I would have never had the opportunity to get this in the states, well... at least I don't think so, and now my immune system is going to be that much stronger. Really, they don´t bother much which is why they got kinda biggish, like a quarter, not like horrific or anything. Really everything is just great.
New hammock for $10!

We have a family we are teaching that are progressing a lot. They want to marry and they want to join the church, the problem is they don´t want to get baptized for the 3rd time... Kind of a pinch, but no worries. They just have to understand the doctrine. The doctrine of the gospel enables us to make changes in our lives when we understand it correctly. That's a key thing I´ve learned here. I've been frustrated because lots of times I feel like words are not enough. There ought to be more that we can do to bring people to this truth. Through suffering and stress and studying the missionary manual, I have been taught that our words really are one of our most powerful tools. It is a tool of influence, it´s sole purpose is to communicate... there are other ways to communicate, but if we use this communication in a way where the Holy Spirit can testify as well it becomes more than words. The thing for me is it is hard to know when the other person is feeling, and UNDERSTANDING (two things that are inseperably connected) that this really is the Doctrine of God. I´m a work in progress.
Awesome family! They're a riot!
I love this place, these opprotunities and I am so grateful to all who have helped me and influenced me. Love you all!

Paz y amor. 
Elder Johnson

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