Monday, October 27, 2014

10-27-14 It's 76 degrees and I'm cold!

Yes, another week has passed. I´m not sure how, but I feel like the days seem to be longer than the weeks.
This week was great; I focused almost completely on missionary work with minimal emergencies in the Branch and a semi-successful activity of the movie "The Testaments". 
We found 7 positive families this week. That makes me so pumped. The bad thing is not even one of them came to church. We are desperately searching this town for men who will contribute to this Branch here. We need the help of the priesthood. And men who can lead. I Have faith that we will find them. And we are doing everything possible to make sure our acts are demonstrating our faith.
The bad thing is that missionary focus is coming to an end with the Tithing Decleraciones. This is looking like a monster chore. Interviewing all the people who have donated and asking for a donation, registering it on paper and on the computer. The good thing is my new comp, Elder Lopez, is super awesome and helping more than I had hoped he would or could. It´s amazing how the Lord blesses our lives.
This month in the District we have put a goal of baptizing 20 people and 4 families. That means 10 and 2 from every companionship. (Yes, we are a huge district of 2 companionships) (there was a little sarcasm in the prior remark.)
To finish I just got to tell you guys I am dying of cold. Right now it´s like 76 degrees and I have a sweater on. I think I’m going crazy. But it sure feels colder. Hoping the blazing sun comes back soon.
I thought of one question yesterday that was inspiring to me. I asked myself. ¨In what ways in my life am I not appreciating the Atonement?" Yesterday I realized one of the worst ways of not appreciating the atonement is not taking the Sacrament.... Then I got fired up and we changed the whole focus of church yesterday on the sacrament. I feel like I needed to understand it better. How can we appreciate the atonement more? Why?
Elder Johnson

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