Monday, October 27, 2014

We got to meet Hermana Nielsen!

Sean sent me an email telling me that a sister in his district was coming home to Nibley on Thursday (This was Monday, the 13th). He said he was going to send a package with a USB with photos on it! I was super excited! That same day, Drew got a new boss who moved to Utah from Arizona. They were talking and she noticed his map of Honduras and said her niece was serving there. Come to find out, they are one and the same! She was coming home Thursday and reporting her mission Sunday. She gave us the time and place.

Sunday came and Drew and I went to Nibley to hear her speak. She did an amazing job! I loved listening to her stories about the people in Honduras and their faith, and I love her accent. She also talked about her District Leader that got made a branch president. She said that after two weeks, she could see a definite change in him. He was scared and unsure at first, but the Lord qualified him and he was wearing the mantle placed on him. Yes, I cried.

We went and talked to her afterwards and met her mom, who I actually knew! Her daughter that is Angela's age took dance years ago when I helped with Marianne's dance company. This same daughter also runs cross-country with Ang. What a small world! They invited us to the luncheon they were having after church, so we went back to our ward and finished teaching, then got the girls and went back to Nibley. She had a computer that was going through a slideshow of some of her photos, and yes, Sean was in several of them. She came and talked to us to explain some of them. It was so wonderful, being with someone who had just been in the same place that he was. Kind of silly, I know, but I had to hug her.

She gave us the package and the girls all had to touch it because he had just touched it less than a week before. See, we're all silly! He sent soccer jerseys for Drew and I, some I love Otoro t-shirts, a bag from Honduras, bracelets for the girls, and some keychains and magnets - and the best! A USB and letters. The photos are all from the first year of his mission except for a couple, but there are even videos on it! So we got to hear his voice!

Here's a link where you can view what he sent:

It was all just what this momma needed.


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