Monday, October 13, 2014

10-13-14 Changes

So... how ya´ll doin? Bad... Shoot that´s not the typical response, I was just asking to be polite Geez.

I feel like this situation happens alot in society... anyways

This week had it´s ups and had it´s downs. Ups we found a family super postive and prepared by the Lord. Downs, well changes are this Wednesday and 3 of the missionaries from the zone are leaving to their homes, one of which lives like 5 min from my house by Little Wonders. Hna. Nielson. Kinda a distraction knowing that she is gonna be in my Town in less than 72 hours.. geez. The other bummer is that I am sick.. Just a cold but it's a cold that you don´t know whether to rest it out, or just ignore it and keep working. So when in doubt, work it out. Yeah that' my saying that I just made up. 

To be honest I don´t really remember much of what happened this week, we saw miracles, we blessed some people, some people blessed us, and we now have food in the house... (was that hard to follow?) Sorry it´s just honestly, I don´t remember any specifics and it doesn´t help that I haven´t been able to look past my nose this week cause I just don´t feel good.

One thing I know is it is raining. Alot. Like at least everyday and in a village where only one street is partiallly paved That rain causes alot of chaos and it makes my shoes super muddy, they are taking a pretty hard hit (the shoes that is).

Let's talk about changes, since I can´t remember much of the past we´ll look to the future. In this Mission changes (also known as transfers in other parts of the world) happen every 6 weeks on Wednesday (pretty sure it´s like that in all parts of the world). I love changes meetings. The way they do it here is no one knows who has changes until the day before, or Tuesday (normally in the night). Tuesday the zone leaders get a call from the assistants with a list of everyone who has changes, they then call the district leaders and the district leaders tell the companionships. Everyone on the Changes list has to go to a certain chapel in Tegucigalpa at 9:00 with their luggage and a good spirit.

In the meeting Pres. Fortuna talks, introduces the new missionaries, and gives the farewell to the old missionaries. The ones finishing each have like 5 min. to give advice to everyone who is staying and bear their testimonies, and in the end the most important part is the SLIDESHOW. This is the slideshow with the area name, the companionship in the area and the callings. (District leader, Zone Leader, Trainers, etc. etc.) This is the moment where you find out where you are going, who is your new companion and if you are recieving a calling. Pretty intense and brings out some good reactions.

Like I said, this happens every 6 weeks. But the goal of the changes is to have the lowest amount of missionaries possible present. So for that reason I´ve only been to 4 of these meetings my entire mission. Now that you guys have an idea about the excitment of changes I'll just say I hope I get to go to this meeting. I don´t want changes, I just want to go to the meeting. haha

Anyways now you understand a little bit more how my life as a missionary is. Thanks for reading, keep strong. 

Love you, paz y amor, Elder Johnson

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