Monday, October 20, 2014

10-20-14 A new companion

Yup another week done and gone filled with a ton of meetings and traveling. Just the way I like em... not, but shoot they are necesary evils I believe.

This week was Changes and my companion has now left. He´s in a place called Talanga. 

My new companion is from Guatemala. He is my eighth Latino Companion... I´m not going to remember English when this is all through. Good thing computers can help me relearn real fast. jaja that´s the only way these emails are semi understandable. With my new companion, we have now attained full access to everything in the branch like program wise. It´s super wierd having people ask me for permision for things... haha I just say yes cause if someone is deciding to do something without me asking them to, GO MAN! I will give you whatever it is you want. haha
My new companion got here on Wednesday and I gave him the tour of his new calling as a Secretary of the Branch. He was like a fish in water. Very intelligent and always ready, I feel like we are going to have alot of success. Now I just got to remeber how it is to work as a team instead of just a dictator. Nothing against my old companion, he just needed someone to tell him what to do and when to do it. Super great guy, super great missionary. I believe the mission will help him develop alot of initiative.
These are photos from awhile back that we got on a USB drive.

Other than that, our adventure for this week is we had kinda lost the key of the chapel, the miracle is we now have the keys through divine intervention. 

haha Another story for another time.

I love you all 
Paz y amor
Elder Johnson

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