Monday, December 1, 2014

12-1-14 Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow so this week was a pretty normal full throttle week.

We are really focused on finding new people to teach which means we have to go to the extremes of the village because I basically know every house and inhabitant of the pueblito.... haha 

The big news of this week is that my district has doubled in size and our zone has shrunk. Here a zone is normally 8-10 pairs of missionarys, and a district is usually 2-4 pairs of missionaries. I had a district of 2 before and now I have a pair of 4 because they closed like 2 areas from our zone. Not for disobedience but  because they aren`t baptizing, so president puts them where they baptize.

Now my district is a lot bigger so this district meeting we decided to do a Thanksgiving dinner... haha It was on Friday. We were going to cook the chicken, one pair of sisters had rice, and the others a salad, and then the other pair of missionaries had the mashed potatoes (because one of them is a Texan and you got to have a lot of mashed potatoes.) When they were on the bus to come to Otoro, which is like an hour drive, one of the missionaries fainted.... kinda a problem. So we bought the chicken, asked the sisters too cook it and then took him to the health center (there are no nearby hospitals, the closest being a 2 hour drive). There they stabilized him..... idk what exactly they did, but in the end they said they don't know why he fainted... so they sent him and his companion to the hospital. We stayed and did the Thanksgiving dinner and district meeting.... felt bad but I didn´t know what else to do. Now he's back with a crazy brain medication that keeps him awake.. kinda scary Honduran medicine I think, but whatevs, the Mission pres knows so I'm not gonna worry about it too much, I just wouldn't take the medication.

Thanksgiving dinner with the new district
Other than that, we had a priesthood conference in the Esperanza and it was kinda lame because here it's graduation so we could just lift like 8 people and then.. none of the other branches showed up.... but it was good. President Fortuna is super powerful. The branch president from the other area said he was ready to be a Setenta.. haha super fun.

Well life in the mission continues, love every crazy day, how fast the time flies by.

Love ya all

paz y amor
Elder Johnson

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