Monday, December 22, 2014

12-22-2014 Merry Christmas!

Well, this time of year is crazy for a unidad, or like branch I want to say.
I was looking at the calendar and wow, I´ve been in this same area for like 8 months..... that's a long time, almost half my mission. Pretty crazy, but we have done so much here it´s kinda mind boggling.
This week we had the Christmas Dinner, found a ton of people. I´m really hoping that the Lord softens the hearts of these families. Other than that, this week was relativley calm. We had 200 people come to the dinner. There was miraculously enough food. I dressed up as a women to do our drama, and other than that, we worked hard in finding people to teach.
I love this work. I love Christmas because it is a great time to be with the family and develop true lasting love.
I want to give a gift to God this Christmas, I want to give him my life. Not like dying or suicide, but like dedicating my will to his will so that they can become one. I want to give my life to God through dedication. Not my will but his be done. If I can give that gift, that will be the best thing I´ve ever received in my life.
Love you all! You´re awesome!
Don´t do anything I wouldn´t do.

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  1. Dear Elder ,I am not sure if you remember me, but I wanted to just say this. I am grateful for missionaries like you that really love the gospel and the love it so much they ate willing to lose themselves in the work. I have no doubt that you and your family will definitely be blessed for that at this Christmas seasons and the seasons to come! Thanks again and Merry Christmas!