Saturday, April 18, 2015

4-13-15 Mountains of dirt

This week I was sick some more, but the good thing is that on Sunday we had a great day.

The Zone


Our branch president had a family emergency and 9 hours of traveling so who had to direct the meeting and preside... you guessed it. haha no but it was cool. But man, this branch is a toughy. Also our branch president made a facebook and well he´s pretty thrilled to see all the missionaries who had been here before, it's kinda funny to find him so excited when we pass by. ¨¨So and so is getting married!!!¨ Then ¨Elder Luckis will be next!!¨ Which is what he calls my companion ( Elder Luquez) haha pretty good time. 

WAWA hill

Other than that I´m just focused on giving my all. This week we also had interveiws with president... he got his car stuck on a mountain of dirt he thought he could cross. I believe he was a little embarrassed, but man he sure has guts. If I would have seen the mountain of dirt I would have just left the car where it was and walked. But not my fearless mission president. He was like ¨eh.. I can make it." super legit. Spiritually speaking, it was a good interview. Life in the mission continues normal, and I did have the ten scriptures about the atonement memorized all for that interveiw and in the end the presidnet just asks for one.... bummer. haha but it´s all good.
My legit lenca poncho

I didn't get wet, cool right?

A legit pizza corner - Hallelujah!

Well Love you guys hope you had a good week.

Paz y amor
Elder Johnson

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