Wednesday, April 22, 2015

4-20-15 Always learning

I am so grateful that my body works right. haha

The caves

This week I have been reminded of how extremely blessed I am. As a Zone leader I have the privilege to have interchanges with my district leaders and this week I spent traveling and sleeping on beds that were not my own and honestly, I loved it. We have such good missionaries here.I am so blessed to work with them.
I submitted his papers and he just got his call to El Salvador

Someone who made an impact on me was an Elder Thorn who really just encouraged me to be better by his example. I remember when I started the mission I looked at the older missionaries like the knew and had seen everything. I Look now and realize that they didn´t I feel like that. In my mission I have learned the most in the beginning, and now I see that I have the opportunity to learn even more in these last months of my mission. I´m not being baggy or trunky but I learned something. A good misssionary doesn´t count the time just to count, he or she counts to make the time count. That was what an older missionary told me awhile ago, but now I understand it a little better now.

Elder Grant Thorn inspired me with his great animo and fire that he works. I feel like I want to work with the passion that he showed me. 

Other than that, we had some baptisms that basically fell from the sky. Miracles do exist. We didn't have anyone and this sister came and told us to our face that she wanted to get baptized this day at this time. We kinda had our mouths open and managed to stuttter that that was ok.. I am continually reminded that this is not our work, it is the Lord's.

Love you guys 
paz y amor

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