Thursday, April 9, 2015

4-6-15 Humility and Wisdom

 Well can I just say that this conference was great!

One thing that my companion made me notice was that marriage and family was mentioned in 10 different talks, everytime someone mentioned it he would look at me and in poor english would say "three monts..." freaking monkey.

This week I passed alot of my time sick and in the chapel. Here we are pretty far from help, so we had to work out all the tech problems and do the tithing and we did a workshop on family history which was pretty cool. I'm grateful to whoever it is that has been working so diligently on my family tree. They are doing a great job. haha

My companion is a riot, and well, we get along great. The zone is having succes with quite a few people in church.

One of my favorite things to see as a missionary is someone who is so humble that their humility allows them to understand the gospel. Now understanding is not just comprehension. It is a depth of knowledge that one can only achieve through application. Someone can have 100% knowledge and comprehension of a princple such as tithing, but you cannot understand it nor experience it's blessings until you have acted upon this knowledge to receive understanding.... What is the Gift of Understanding? The gift of applying knowledge, Wisdom. And it is such a blessing to meet those specially humbled people. It is also the most sad to meet some with knowledge and without understanding.... It's the saddest. Wasting thier potential and this not only applies to investigators but members and missionaries as well.

Really I just love everyone!!! I love you guys and hope that you had a great week and a great conference. I continue trying to improve in all that I do. Have fun and don't do anything that I wouldn't.

Paz y amor
Elder Johnson

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