Monday, September 30, 2013

I'm from Argentina

This  week was soo slow and idk why.

We have a fecha for a family!!!! and they came to church and want to have their baby named and blessed in the church!!!! It´s a miracle the first family here in Comayaguela in half a year!
This week we went to Tegucigalpa, that was not fun.  We are on a bus for two hours and then we get there and they tell us we can´t watch General Conference.... what!?!?!?!!?!  I think that some missionaries almost stood up. He changed it, we just aren´t allowed to go to priesthood session because Saturday night is the best night to find families. Which makes sense but it is still a super bummer.  I was soo excited for it. Oh well, I can read it after.

Oh, one exciting thing, I mastered an Argentine accent in Spanish for about 4 or 5 sentences, so if I want to make a joke with contacts I tell them that I´m from Argentina.  At first they didn´t believe me, but now like four contacts believed me! woo!!!  Spanish is coming, and yesterday I spoke the whole day in Spanish without asking once for a word in English!  wwoooooooooo!  Finally one goal accomplished.

We aren´t working as hard as we should... my companion,  I love the guy but he is sick of being "rejected".  I feel bad for him. Also, he`s taken to looking at our work as condemning to the people who don´t accept us. Which I haven´t been able to prove to him we aren`t. That our goal is to save, but kinda by attempting it and making the chance that they reject us it's scary, but we kinda do add one more problem for them....
Um... the food is good, I´m becoming quite the chef and mastering all sorts of little tricks. I enjoy improving myself very much but I have to remember this mission is not about me... it`s tough to think outside of myself. One thing is we get fed all the time but I´m always hungry!!! It`s so frustrating! Yet sometimes we just forget to sit down and eat, like yesterday we ate lunch and now that I think about it I don´t think we ever ate dinner.

Funny story about last night though, my companion locked our keys in our room so we had to get the security guard and he broke in for us..... yeah kind of ironic.  Other than that, the shock and excitement is wearing off.  Time to buckle down and work.
Oh one more cool thing! This month was a record for the mission!
 188 bautismos y 40 Familias Whoo whoo just some mission pride there
:) btw my address is

Elder Sean Johnson
Misiòn Honduras Comayaguela
Apartado Postal 2625
Tegucigalpa Honduras


Love to hear from ya`ll
Let me know if I can do anything for you. I will do my best.

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