Monday, September 23, 2013

MTC Routine

So this week has been super boring.... but busy it´s just the same thing every day. I mean don't get me wrong I am working or studying from 5:45 in the morning till 10 at night. Then I write in my journal from 10-10:30. My mom asked me to tell her the schedule of my typical day.. so here it goes.

5:45 work out, shower, flashcard selection, Jesus the Christ
6:30 Prep( shave, brush, make bed, tidy...
up desk)
7:00 Companionship study (1 chapter in Espanol escripturas attempt translation)
7:30 Breakfast (tamale or pancakes, a veces cereal)
7:45 clase Personal study( 15 min of english scriptures, 30 min espanol study plan, 15 min flash card study, 15 min congugate)
8:00 teacher comes and teaches
9:00 teach 1st investigator ( Zach or Raul 30 min) comp study (30 min reveiw of lesson prep for next)
10:00 Teacher led gospel study ( Hno k-po (stud) 60 min
11:00 Personal study (30 min ingles 30 min espanol)
12:00 Lunch (Usually the biggest meal I love their cordon bleu)
12:30 Gym (futobol with latinos, I´m pretty decent, or volleyball, much less decent)
2:30 prep (shower)(usually on the way buy a water at the store because its cold and good water is precious here)
3:00 Clase (teach 2nd and 3rd investigator 30 min and comp study 30 min)
4:00 Teacher (teaches on how to teach)
5:00 teacher led gospel study 60 minutes (hno. (guapo) )
6:00 Dinner
6:45 Tall (Technology assisted language learning)
7:45 back to the class plan for next day
7:15 Language study (language plan30, red books30, flashcards15, role playing15, spanish B.O.M. translate every verse 30 congugate with companion on board(kind of like tutoring)15)
9:30 Head to the casa, and personal study in jesus the christ, pass of flashcards, and read Bible)
10:00 Write in journal or letters
10:30 lights out

 This is an average day. Today is p day so from 7:30 to 5:00 we can do whatever. Today however was our districts turn to go to the temple so we got up early to get our laundry done and then snagged some of the amazing bread here and got on a bus. It was amazing, I love the temple and it is such a huge blessing in our lives. Even if it doesn´t de-stress me the way it would if it was in english. Also on Thursdays we do service. We haven´t been getting much mail lately except one kid who´s mom is sending him a package every week using like or something.

One thing about being out here. My first week I was always sooo exhausted, but the lord has picked me up after he humbled me. He is blessing me with energy to accomplish everything and still have energy. Sometimes enough energy to rant spanish in my sleep according to my companion. . I´m so scared and excited to go to the field, one week!!! ahh!! IDK how I´m going to do it, well that's a lie, I´ll do it with God´s help. It´s been cool to see all the kids from school out here, I think there are about 9 of us here now, we see each other quite often. But, oh I´m ready to go do something new, even if I don´t know spanish all that well.

 Now to the exciting stuff!! An elder in our room slept walked and talked like crazy like two nights ago. He started just talking so I, being the extremely thoughtful and fast acting missionary I am immediately grabbed a pen and a notebook and started writing everything down. He was speaking english, but it was still hard to understand. He punched the wall next to him. like five times, hard. Basically he was having a dream. He got up, walked to the corner of our room by the door, and just stood there then he started to wander back to his bed, but he ran into my bed in his sleep. It looked like he hit the uncrossable wall, so what does he do? Just lays, down like hard, on my bed while I´m on it, writing all of this down. He bounces up and falls onto the floor at which point he just lays there, then he wakes up and is like "whoa, what.... did you move me here?" Being the charitable person I am I had gotten under my covers and pretended that He had just woken me up and say, "wha...? go to bed" in the voice that totally sells my innocence. He lays in bed his breathing regulates and he gets up again eyes closed, walks out our room and I hear the outside door open. I´m kinda freaking out because we live on the second story of the apartments and I´m afraid he is jumping off the edge. So I start to get up, and then he comes back and just lays down in his bed. The next day he remembers nothing...

Um... Yeah spanish is coming great, all thanks to the Lord, and I´m definately going to learn more languages in the future. One of my latino teachers, had twins and is super funny because of it, always complimenting us on our horrible spanish... We have now "baptized" but not for real, 2 investigators, and are down from four investigators to three. 

 Thank you all for praying for me, I am so blessed every day. I pray for ya´ll often and think about as much as I pray for you. (like literally, because I don´t have time to be thinking much)

Miss ya´ll,
Love Elder Sean Johnson
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