Monday, September 23, 2013

Mexico VS USA at the MTC

This week was honestly kinda boring, We are always talking in spanish and it´s really messing with my english. My companion says I´ve been screaming spanish in my sleep and if thats the case it would probably be better for everyone if I could teach in my sleep or just hand over control to my subconcious.

I almost got stitches!!! We were playing soccer and this big.....(tie f...lip) Gordo (tie fixing) kid totally swept me. I landed on my elbow got back up and started playing again. Then we got scored on so the teams switched. I look down at my elbow and like a river of blood is coursing down my arm.
I just wiped it on the grass cause we only get an hour of gym time and it´s just blood. Gym time ends and we go home to shower and prep for the day again, as I´m showering I look at my elbow and notice that when I bend it I can see white stuff.... Yeah pretty cool right? I show my companion and we decide we don´t have a big enough band aid for it so we go to the doctor and he comes to us, looks at us, says something in spanish and comes back, then the spanish mumbler nurse comes in and takes out a needle and stitches... we´re thinking yikes this will be a good story. Then the doctor comes in, says something and the nurse proceeds to clean my wound...I would rather break a bone than have her clean a scratch on my arm gee whiz! I thought only German nurses were famous for brutality! I wonder who would win a competition German or Mexican? It would be close. Anyway, she ended up just putting butterfly strips over it, and then my blood soaked through so an elder in our district fixed me up with some army bandages and those worked like a charm in a x pattern across my elbow.. now its off and healing well... haha And thats the story of the week.

 We have three investigators, our spanish is rough but we can get our point across, and two have accepted the challenge to be baptized. I´ve now had 3 interviews with the President.
This one Argentine Investigator is amazing, as a teacher and investigator.}

I have three teachers, one latino, and two gringos who could speak spanish like bosses on there missions. If I can be like Hno by the time I´m 23 I will have been blessed greatly by God.

Umm... what else.... Things are going good, kinda wanting to just get in the field. Don´t get me wrong it´s great here, just ready to start doing things that feel.. idk real.

 Oh we also played Soccer last pday it was epic, MEXICO VS USA. We tied and I had 3 goals, and 2 assists. It was a full fledged game 11 on 11 and the final score was 5 to 5 with the Mexicans scoring in the last minutes.... but no one was keeping score.... of course...

The spirit is so strong with the latinos and our other latino roomates just left, I envy them. But I have much to learn. God has been telling me to be more humble and I really am trying.

 I know this church is true. It feels true, it sounds true, it makes sense. Stay close to God and everything else works out. Like David Bednar said when answering the question of how to recognize a prompting of the spirit."Don´t worry about it!! Just do the things that you think are good, do your best to be a good boy, and a good girl. And then in hindsight you can recognize those as promptings", or you may never notice and just keep being a good person idk neither of those sound like bad things to me.

 We think an apostle has been staying here at the CCM because the fancy dining room in the cafeteria has been used. No one saw anything but we all saw the tray and dirty dishes. You all stay close to God and He will stay close to you.

Love Elder Sean Johnson

P.S Please send me Home addresses for when I´m in honduras. I´m not sure we´ll have computers all the time there. Thanks!!


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