Monday, September 23, 2013

Never take doing laundry in the U.S. for granted

Let me just start by saying that I will never complain about laundry in the United States again..... haha laundry sucks!!!! oh man 2 hours to do 7 shirts and & unmentionables and a day and a half for them to dry hoping it didn't rain and you do it all over again.

 Anyways this week was awesome!!!!! We went to a pueblito on Wednesday called Las Anonas. It's a 4 mile hike in and it's literally in the middle of no where on top of a random mountain in the jungle... about 150 people live there and 30 of them are members of the church but the crazy story is how all this started. I mean no one would ever tract there so how did they get converted? Well there was an old man there who was studying to become a Catholic priest. One night he can't sleep and when he finally falls asleep he receives a vision that he needs to go to Comayagua and unite himself with the Mormons. So he hikes down, and the hour drive from the trail head goes to Comayagua and stays a week taking lessons from the missionaries every day, gets baptized on the 2nd week (because he had to attend church twice before he could get baptized.) then he brings the missionaries to the village Las Anonas and they baptize 4 families and 15 people... yeehaw! crazy story

 So every Wednesday we go up and work in Las Anonas. It's an all day thing so we get up early, leave the house at 6:00am and leave the village at 4:00pm running down the mountain to catch the bus because the last bus leaves at 5:30. Super fun, cool and you'll never meet a more humble people. Such a cool experience. They fed us lunch which was chick head soup with "chips"(really just pig skin dried but it's actually pretty good and pretty common here, not homemade)

Then this weekend we set really high goals cause we're trying to work hard. We had no progressing investigators. But now.... we found 4 families this weekend and have 10 progressing investigators in Comayagua alone. SWWWEEEETTTT. Then we travel on Friday to another pueblito called  where we have a family, and then on Saturdays there's a new Pueblito with a family who asked us to be baptized... my companion says this isn't normal, but I hope it becomes normal. This one family, they are so cool. They want to feed us, that's a sure sign that they're ready for baptism. I still don't know a lot of Spanish but I can understand it a whole ton better than I can speak it. So much work to do.

Oh one last exciting thing, be grateful that church in Utah is awesome. We had kind of an apostacia aqui. during priesthood elders, I think I'm very grateful for church in Utah.

 Lots of love I'm running out of time, I hope you're all doing great if not I'm definitely not opposed to being written, sometimes it's very lonely out here speaking English.. and being a noob, but God will help us always, we just have to rely on him.

Stay with God, Love ya all

Elder Johnson


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