Monday, September 23, 2013

Mexico MTC, in the beginning

In our district we have 10 missionaries.

One elder was struggling just like everyone else one morning and he was defeated by sleep. Leaning forward on his plastic desk almost completely enveloping it in his girth. suddenly the desk starts sliding forward and he just keeps his head on it and slides forward, walking, bent over on top of the desk. In this process he almost runs over another elder who was in the national guard and isn´t by any means small. Finally he looks like he just gives up and pushes away the desk just to lay on the floor. When he lays on the floor, he starts doing snow angels, all of this with his eyes closed. People keep saying "ya ok" he keeps just saying "I'm good, I´m good", then he suddenly stops doing snow angels, turns on his side on the floor and just like starts running on the ground, spinning around like a rock star. It was nuts! I had no idea a big guy like him could be so agile!

Then he stops. Our teacher is like"you´re an Elder now you have to act like it" then he helps the big guy up and takes him out to the hall. Later the teacher told us he was like falling asleep while he was being chewed out and walking with him. He comes back to class and keeps falling asleep on his desk. The teacher takes him out 3 more times. Then he sits down and leans back against the wall. Everybody is like "ok this is normal". Suddenly he just stands up and screams, and takes off out of the room, his companion the drill sergeant gets up and follows and we´re all like, "what just happened." They come back and he has his eyes closed and suddenly has a back pack that he insists is his.

This story ends when they go out to teach their investigator, his companion takes him to the bathroom, splashes him in the face saying "wake up wake up, ready to go teach Angel?" and he finally opens his eyes and says "yeah lets go I´m good" and they went to go teach Angel. We learned this part of the story during lunch time in which he remembers none of this. hahaha soo funny.

 Another funny story - so we have latino roommates, one companionship who are also getting trained here. They change out every two weeks. They are kinda a part of our training and its super funny because they speak less english than we speak spanish. They wanted pictures before we left and all their friends came so we had like 10 latinos in out tiny apartment yelling "sexy sexy pictures!!!" This is right before everyone goes to bed. One tiny Latino is yelling sexy sexy and then everyone just kind of faded off and he just yelled "sex!!!!" hahahaha all his latino friends like blow up and say " NO NO NO cillete!! no sabe hablando (he doesn´t know what he's saying)" it was super funny

That was last week. This week I´m kinda sick with agrippa (cold) and then my companion got sick and we blessed him yesterday and today he's totally healed! It's soooooo awesome!!! I'm super excited about it! hahaha Well I can´t think of what else to tell you but I miss you all and think about you as little as possible. I pray for and hope you all are doing great. Remember God loves you and knows all your struggles.

Love, Elder Sean Johnson



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