Monday, February 16, 2015

2-16-15 Growing Zone

Well.. another week has passed by. And now I´m 20 years old...... shoot I never thought that I would be so old. haha
Anyways this week is changes and we´re pretty certain that my companion has changes, which leaves me with the changes and the zone which is going to double in size because they are telling us they are going to merge 2 zones together.... So that´s cool :)
Really everything is great! We have three great families who want to get baptized and one of them is already MARRIED!!!!!! YESSSSSSSS!!!That same family has told us we can go eat in his resturaunte whenever we want. haha it´s awesome. :)
All in all I´m learning a lot about the purposes of my mission... I feel like we have to re-realize it every once in a while :) haha
Well.. don't have a lot of time but next week I´ll write more. Oh and btw, we saw "Conozca los Mormones"... good movie. With president's permission well.

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