Monday, February 9, 2015

9 Feb 2015 Time well spent

Can I just ask one question.... why do we have to eat? Honestly, just think about all the time that we use growing food, making food, preparing food, eating food, making the digested food leave, all just to keep eating the food.... You could use the time so much better, like master a language, instrument, build a house, or like, idk learn, serve, teach. But no.... we have to eat... and sometime it´s a drudge.. ( especiallly when they are beans and they take 2 hours to cook.) haha

So with that thought I´ll continue with my letter.

This week was good we had a great zone meeting. We studied D&C 88 and 1 Samuel 17, talking about the power of our attitude and our potential. It was good, I liked it anyways. We all need to keep the pace of the Lords work or else we´ll be left behind.
Paperwork, his favorite
Then we had a really cold baptism and two miracles specifically come to my mind. One, Colonel accepted a baptimsal date. This is a man who said he had already been baptized and knew it was a good baptism and would never get baptized again..... then he read the Book of Mormon (in one week), fell in love with Moroni´s book and accepted to be baptized. Very smart man.

The other is that we found a family sooo prepared by the Lord. They kept saying "I love that you came here" "my house is your house" "I really like this church".... yeah just to sum it up GOLD. All because My companion directed us in a fast. God has blessed us sooo much.
There's a 20 foot drop on the other side. Why would a boy send such a picture to his mom?
A reminder that he's still such a boy sometimes:)
In the end I just can´t believe how fast the time is going by. I still feel like I do not know enough. Basically D&C 1:38 sums it up...

Paz y amor. 

Elder Johnson

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