Monday, February 23, 2015

2-23-15 Mercy Justice Agency

This week I traveled a always, and I have a new companion. His name is Elder Luquez, he is 19 from Nicaragua, has a year on the mission and mmm... idk what else you guys want to know about him. He´s a good kid and we are going to have a lot of success together.

Right now I've been really focused on the zone. We have now doubled in size receiving 8 more missionaries, making us a total of 22 missionaries.... and 10 of those are sisters. I am grateful that my sisters in my fam are really chill.

Anyway in our area this month we are really excited. We have a goal of baptizing 15 people and 3 families. Right now we have 12 solid ready for this week and they are all soooo chosen and prepared I feel like every lesson is a miracle. 

Other than that I've been thinking a lot about like mercy and justice and agency.

It's just so fundamental to understand if we are obedient we are applying mercy to our lives. If we are not, we apply justice.... This choice must exist or else no one could progress. And God loves us all so much that he has given us these commandments and soo many helps to make it on the way, the most important being a God himself. The Holy Ghost. I realize my invitation to the world is that they may apply mercy in their live, through obedience to the commandments given us. That option of mercy only exists thanks to Jesus Christ. I willl folow Him, And I will be his Servant. that is my objective in this mision and this life. 

Well.... yeah lovey you guys have a good week.

paz y amor, Elder Johnson

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