Monday, March 2, 2015

03-02-15 Potential

Well another week has flown by and I find myself wondering where it went. 


We spent, as usual, a large part of our time traveling with several meetings of training and leadership and then the zone meeting we presented. I talked about our potential. I really love talking about it. I see missionaries hopes rise as the realize that they can give even more and they can accomplish what God wants of them.

Other than that, we continue finding amazing investigators and we are really striving to be worthy of them. There's a slogan that has really taken root in our mission, God doesn't give Golden Investigators to bronze missionaries. Or basically we have to be doing our all and God blesses us. This is a principle that does not only apply to the mission.

We continue seeing miracles. Our Branch president it a bit evangelic and well, sometimes it shows but this week... it was like normal. He has come so far. He really is one of the most sincerely good people that I know.

Talking of his goodness, idk if I told you all about a family that we baptized that got kicked off their land by the government. Well, they are a family of 9 and they have been having problems. So they went and made a tent shack in this area of tent shacks and they have been suffering. They have no water, electricity, and the house is very cold. So anyways, the story is the branch president saw their need and made a plan. Today we built them a house out of frame work and laminas, of which is actually a pretty quality house in Honduras. Well I learned a lot, but the best part was to see a semi stable Elders quorum form up and work the way it should. The family was speechless but I think the people who were really effected were the grown men who saw the poor conditions of the family and were touched as they labored. I haven't seen so many adult Hondurans cry. The spirit was very strong. 


Other than that I am now the color of a tomatoe but it was totally worth it.
hope you all have a good week.
Paz y amor
Elder Johnson

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