Monday, March 23, 2015

3-23-15 Party!

Another week has come and gone and wow I feel like I just wrote. The days seem like weeks and the weeks seem like days. Wierd how time works.

This week was full of laughter and happiness, and jokes. The bad part is that the zone is having problems. In other districts... I would like to just go and do everything for the new district leader, but.... well he wouldn´t progress number 1 and 2, well honestly I just can´t leave my area and do everything in the district for a week. It´s painful, but I imagine that I was very much the same in effeciency as a district leader. So we´ll let him hang out and do his thing. Some people (like me) only learn through personal pain.

Other than that, we had a birhtday party for our beloved erratic branch president. I honestly love him so much. He has won my respect time and time again. I don´t think I know a man humbler, or with motives as pure as Beloved President Lemus.

In that same party, my companion pulled a great prank on one of the sister missionaries. As secretaries of the Branch we have to make sure the mail that comes from SLC gets to presidents house. Also, our packages come through the same route, so we decided to throw in a package that we made for one of the sisters, We put her name on it, and some directions from some chapel in Peru, and popped some popcorn and threw it in the box with a special foto of us, On the Back we wrote something like "hahaha Elder Johnson, and Elder Luquez" Then we "sent" the package and gave it to president, in the same party we were celebrating his birthday. He mentions that there´s a package for one of the sisters. They both get excited, we take our cameras out and chant "open it, open it!" The poor sister is sooooo excited to open it that she uses her teeth to open it. When she gets it open she sees our pic and at first is mad.. but then she calmed down and admitted it was a great joke. We were like "we know" haha good time and unforgettable moment on camera. 

After that there was a fathers day activity where a bunch of old guys attacked a pinata like kids again, kinda dangerous but hilarious to watch. I just stayed out of the way. haha

We also had a record breaking attendance of 115 people in church. Our little chapel was packed and we had to stand, but there really isn't a better feeling than seeing the people you love and visit come to church. It´s great.

Other than that... We had two weddings of two families. One is going to get baptized this week and one will be in April. It´s always good to have the baptisms in your area in the beginning of the month so you can focus on helping others in the zone, kind of relieving.

Family P is doing awesome, I love listening and watching them recognize the blessings and the influence of the Holy Ghost, or in other words Gods hand, in their lives. I love them so much. haha

well.... not much else to say,

Have a good week,
paz y amor
Elder Johnson  

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