Monday, March 9, 2015

3-9-15 Sickies

This week I was sick a good three days and then we went to a conference one day. But miraculously 12 people got to church on their own...... God really does just want to see our faithfulness to bless us. I am super excited.

Basically the week wasn't so good until Sunday, when we received the blessing that one family asked us when they could get baptized and people just came to church by themselves..... I really don´t understand it.. haha LOVE MERCY

Other than that, I'm really pumped to work. Staying in the house is really killer when you have people you love that you always are thinking about and trying to help and then to not be able to see them or know if they are reading and praying is just terrible. I was in bed just thinking about all the people I should be helping but couldn't... it was kinda frustrating.

The zone is also kinda really sick, like half the zone is sick. Apparently there is some kind a bug that is hitting the pueblos around here and half of our missionaries in our zone have gotten it. I had a kind of strep I´m pretty sure, but it wasn't anything serious. It was, however, contagious cause when I recoverd my companion got sick...

I was really just praying to get better, and now I am. Thanks to God, it´s how things work out.

Remember everything will be alright :)

Paz y amor, love you guys

Elder Johnson

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